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Reach the Heart Food Distribution Recap

Published on:
October 25, 2020

KVRR Local News

Local Church Distributes Food to Families in Need by Paola Belloso

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FARGO, N.D.- Almost 2,000 boxes full of fruits and vegetables from USDA farmers will be heading to the homes and into the stomachs of many families in the F-M area.

“Farmers are going through a hard time. They’ve grown their produce, their product, but, because of the covid situation, many restaurants and places have had to close down, so a lot of their produce was going to waste,” says Director,of Reach the Heart, Cal Thompson.

Instead of letting that happen, the USDA decided to distribute that food across the United States, including to Fargo families who are in need.

“Some people are hurting and we’ve had people coming through with four and six kids and you know, just being able to provide them with some extra food like this, that leaves them a little bit more money to do something else ,” Thompson says.

The process to receive a box is not only simple, but also free.

“We just ask people to pull up, open up their trunk or open up their door or allow us to and we just stick it in there and they’re on their way,” he adds.

There were over sixty volunteers taking part in the distribution.

Two of them say seeing the happiness on the families’ faces as they received their box was the highlight of their day.

“Just being able to see people who have needs in their life just have something, physical, tangible handed to them, it’s just awesome,” Peter Olson, a volunteer says.
“To see the smiling faces of people that are so thankful for this gift, because it really is a gift to them to receive,” says Stephanie Kost, a volunteer.

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