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Reach the Heart Moment: 3 Big Decisions Will Come to 1 Decision

Published on:
November 13, 2020

By the time the average person reaches the age of 25, they will have made 3 of the most important decision they will ever make in their life and then have more than 50 years to live with those decisions.

The decision of career and how they make a living. The decision of who they will marry. Thirdly, and probably the greatest decision of all, a decision to accept Jesus Christ as Savior.

The truth is most people who accept Jesus do so before age 18.

One of the greatest mission fields that are available to us are students, now living in a world that is shaken by a pandemic and uncertainty. Unfortunately, many students are not “hearing” that Jesus is the answer and as a result, find the security of their spiritual hunger in false religions, gangs, drugs, and alcohol. If you are a student that has never made a decision to follow Christ, let me tell you a couple of things that happen when you accept Christ.

First, your sin is forgiven.
Second, You will have the Holy Spirit’s assistance in knowing right from wrong.

Jesus Christ came to earth, that’s why we will celebrate Christmas in the next few weeks. The message of the Gospel is what Jesus did for us. He died for us, to give us the good news of forgiveness. And it all begins when you ask Jesus to forgive you and accept Jesus as Lord.

I’m Pastor Cal, and I pray you reach a heart through this Reach the Heart Moment.

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