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Reach the Heart Moment: Above Average

Published on:
November 13, 2020

For the last several months, we have been hearing the results of polls taken by news agencies to see who the average person is thinking should be president.

Polls are used by many organizations and politicians who want to be sure they are doing what the average person wants. To be average means, in many instances, we have chosen the safe route or to be like everyone else.

I am more convinced than ever that our world has millions of amazing people who have chosen to live above the average.

Almost everything they do surprises me! Even though I may not always agree with or appreciate the things they do, I love their desire to be different from others. Within every person, I believe they have a desire to be different, distinctive, and to be original. After all, who among us ever remembers the warm-up bands at a concert? We always remember the main event.

I believe deep down, every one of us wants to be above the average, so don’t settle for an average life.

God wants to propel you and me into a life of faith and action.

In Joshua, when he was called by God, three times God said,

“Be strong and courageous.”

Anybody can follow the crowd. It takes a courageous person to step from the middle of the road to the cutting edge of what God is doing!

I’m Pastor Cal, and I pray you reach a heart through this Reach the Heart Moment.

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