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Reach the Heart Moment: Hunger

Published on:
July 7, 2021

Many people across our nation are seeking God and asking Him for a greater outpouring to impact our world to have a greater hunger for God.

Matthew 5:6 says,

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”

To be filled with all that God has for our life, there needs to be a hunger!

We need to be hungry for the things of God, and hungry people are desperate people! Those who are hungry can’t help but think about food. They become more aware of even the smell of food, and they will even look for creative ways to obtain food.

Those are the same characteristics we need to have when it comes to hungering after the things of God. Does your mind dwell on the things of God? Do you crave the thought of what God can do? Do you look for ways to be and even plan to be in a place where you know that God is doing something?

To experience a revival is to come to the conclusion you need a complete change in your life, to stir yourself up, to seek after the things of God with a greater desire than before.

Take time, set aside time, and make the time to begin a new pursuit of Jesus Christ daily.

I’m Pastor Cal, and I pray you reach a heart through this Reach the Heart Moment.

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