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Reach the Heart Moment: People of Influence

Published on:
October 28, 2020

Throughout the history of our world, there have always been people who have stood out from the crowd; people who set a higher level and a greater standard of achievement than those around them.

People like Michael Jordan in basketball; Wayne Gretzky in hockey; for music lovers, some great artists have set a standard for music that sets them above so many others: Michael W. Smith with Christian music, or Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey and Garth Brooks.

Have you ever seen a video of a Billy Graham altar call and watch as literally thousands pour out of the stands to the altar area. A survey of youth when asked who was one of the most influential people in the world, Billy Graham was unbelievably listed #1. Probably no other evangelist has influenced our world like him.

But did you know that you have the potential to be a “person of influence”?

The Bible says in 1 Peter chapter 1,

“His divine power has given us EVERYTHING we need for life. And if you possess these qualities they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive.”

Christ wants us to be people of influence.

“To go into a world and preach the good news” and to “snatch people from the fires of hell!”

Through Christ, you can do all things, the Bible tells us.

So let’s be people who are influencing others instead of being influenced by others.

I’m Pastor Cal, and I pray you reach a heart through this Reach the Heart Moment.

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