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Reach the Heart Moment: Perhaps God...What a Confidence

Published on:
November 13, 2020

1 Samuel 14:6 tells us that Jonathan said to his armor-bearer,

“...Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf...”

Perhaps God! I can’t even imagine myself going into a battle with just the thought that “Perhaps God” might help. I know this much, if I were facing an enemy the size Jonathan and his armor-bearer faced, I would want to know I had more than just a perhaps God! I would be asking God for a loud “Thus saith the Lord”!

The courage shown by Jonathan is an example of what can happen when you and I put our trust in God.

Not only did Jonathan and his armor-bearer kill over 20 men, but their boldness caused panic to shake the enemy camp. The Bible describes it as a panic sent from God! All because two youth decided to go for God!

When was the last time you believed God for something so big to happen that it caused a panic? One thing I’ve noticed is when a teenager gets enthusiastic about their relationship with Christ, there will be a stirring, and other Christians will be shaken.

Perhaps you could be that person who will trust God for a great victory. Perhaps, because of your faith, you will be the catalyst that can stir your friends to begin a righteous hot pursuit of God.

Why wait for someone else to step out! Why don’t you step forward and let God use you NOW!

I’m Pastor Cal, and I pray you reach a heart through this Reach the Heart Moment.

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